Leslie Greenberg

Masterclass i EFT - Oppstart 2. november 2021


I november arrangeres Masterclass i EFT med Leslie Greenberg via Zoom.


EFT masterclass - Difficult interpersonal processes and long-term treatments

Kurset er en videreutdanning for leger og psykologer som tidligere har deltatt på vår 3-årige spesialisering i EFT og vår 1-årig videreutdanning i EFT.

Dato: 2-4. november 2021
Tidspunkt: 18.00-21.00 hver dag
Sted: Online - Zoom
Kursholdere: Leslie Greenberg
Pris: NOK 6.000

This is a workshop for advanced practitioners, supervisors and trainers. The focus will be on difficult interpersonal processes and long-term treatments, and the format will consist of watching tapes and discussing micro processes and case formulations that the participants bring in. The workshop will begin with an update on recent development in EFT as a trans-diagnostic treatment. We will then focus on how to deal with difficult interpersonal processes by means other than confrontation or clarification. Also, we will focus on using case formulation to stay on track in long-term treatments. To this end we would like a few brave souls – four in total – to bring in tapes or examples of dialogues (transcripts) of difficult interpersonal processes or on stuckness in long term cases, so that we can discuss them and Les can provide supervision on dealing with difficulties that arise in EFT. In addition, Les will show tapes and discuss the moment-by-moment process at an advanced level. The workshop consists of three afternoon sessions of 3 hours (total of 9 hours). There is a limit of 24 participants for this work shop.

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Foredragsholdere og facilitatorer:
Leslie Greenberg